WWE: Twitter Roasts Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill After Anti-Wrestling Tweet


Kings of Leon member Jared Followill got roasted by WWE and other wrestling fans on Twitter for a particular tweet. One would think he’ll avoid this topic moving forward.

When pro wrestling heads into the national spotlight, it’s usually due to the WWE’s WrestleMania event. Sometimes, it’s other moments or interviews that catch the eye, or when a celebrity supporter joins in on the action, like Stephen Amell and Rob Gronkowski in recent years.

Wrestling also isn’t for everyone. Arguments have been made over the realism of the sport, or about its stark differences from other television shows. It’s been a topic of conversation before, and probably will be as long as it exists.

Well, on Sunday night, one celebrity spoke out against wrestling on Twitter — Kings of Leon member Jared Followill. He said the following:

Followill followed up with a response to someone asking if he likes WWE “a bit at times.”

Wrestling fans are passionate, to say the least. So, to say Followill received a backlash reaction is an understatement:

As Followill saw the tweets flying in, he threw up another message. It somewhat backed down from what he had just said:

He continued with another tweet, which even gave a shout out to Brock Lesnar. Would this be enough?

Yeah, Jared — you may have made a huge mistake in the minds of some wrestling fans.

One would think Followill won’t be negatively tweeting about wrestling again, no matter how he thinks about the sport. He may receive a worse backlash from rowdy fans the second time around, anyway, if it happens.

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WWE and pro wrestling aren’t something everyone will like, which is fine. But if you speak out about it, especially targeting a group of people that enjoy this form of entertainment, then you’re bound to hear an argumentative response from someone.