WWE Rumors: Is Maryse the Latest Victim of Celebgate?


Less than a week after Charlotte Flair addressed her own nude photo scandal, fellow WWE star Maryse may soon be doing the same.

WWE star Maryse Mizanin Ouellet, wife of Michael Gregory Mizanin (AKA The Miz) may be the latest victim in the never-ending celebrity nude photo leak scandal. The rumors were first reported yesterday by The Sun, a prominent tabloid news outlet published in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The article describes these alleged leaks in very broad and uncertain terms, which can (and should) lead many fans to question the accuracy of the photos:

"“She is thought to have had selfies posted across the internet showing her topless with just her underwear on.”"

As of the time of this posting, these rumors are unsubstantiated and it should be noted that The Sun seems to masquerade more as a legitimate source of news and information as opposed to actually being one. The paper is owned and operated by News UK, one of many media subsidiaries owned by Rupert Murdoch. He is mostly known to American audiences for his ownership of News Corp (which includes such outlets as Fox News and the New York Post).

While there have been several legitimate high-profile leaks involving the women of the WWE in recent months, it is important to note that fake photos are just as prevalent if not even more so. In 2015, fake photos of former Women’s Champion AJ Lee spread across the internet, causing only a mild reaction from fans due to their shabby photoshop work and obvious forgery. Most recently, current RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss responded to fake photos of her that made their way onto several sites but also received little traction. It should be noted that the supposed photos of Bliss were also first reported by The Sun.

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Until Maryse confirms or at least addresses the rumor herself, I will remain skeptical. I abhor the invasion of anyone’s privacy and don’t much care for the type of “journalism” The Sun engages in on a regular basis which consists of rampant speculation under the guise of “just asking questions”. If the photos are real then yes, it will certainly become a newsworthy item, but what should be more important is how and why these leaks are happening in the first place.