WWE Raw, May 8: 3 Booking Decisions That Should Have Been Made

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Credit: WWE.com

3. Finn Balor Should Have Interfered in the Main Event

The main event of this week’s edition of WWE Raw saw two familiar foes collide once more, under a different brand. Dean Ambrose looked to build momentum ahead of his IC title defense against the Miz. However, predictability hurt this match deeply. From the moment the Miz was on commentary we knew there would be an interference.

Creative made use of the same methods to give Wyatt a cheap win. It would have been an effort to build some intensity for next week’s match. However, another feud was left stranded in the middle of all that action. Finn Balor has some unfinished issues with the Eater of the Worlds. The Demon Prince took a Sister Abigail from Wyatt and lost his shot at the IC title. Balor should have been out for revenge during the main event.

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He could have played some mind games as the Demon, from a backstage segment at the least. Instead, creative chose to portray Balor as the prototypical babyface who doesn’t cheat in the WWE. Wyatt could still have won the match despite the interference. But at least, this way, we knew there was something being done about Wyatt Vs Balor.