Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor: WWE Digging Themselves into a Hole


With Bray Wyatt defeating Randy Orton at WWE Payback, it may be the beginning of a fresh start for the superstar. However, attacking Finn Balor on this week’s RAW may have been a mistake.

Bray Wyatt interfering in Finn Balor’s Intercontinental Championship hopes on RAW kickstarts the pair’s new feud with each other. However, the feud in itself may be detrimental for both superstars.

Similar to the Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns match at Payback, it’s a lose-lose situation.

As, if Reigns won, it would undo all the wins Strowman was accumulating. Along with this, up until that point, Strowman was booked rather consistently as a monster heel — a loss would seem illogical.

On the other hand — if Strowman won, it would make Reigns look weak, especially after retiring The Undertaker.

Now, Wyatt and Balor may just find themselves in a similar situation.

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With Wyatt claiming a win against the WWE Champion — albeit not a clean one — the most logical route would be to keep the wins coming. Interest in the character is obviously there, a matter of deepening the character to the point of success is all down on WWE Creative’s execution.

The problem is — Wyatt beating Balor knocks him further down the ladder. Balor’s been saying how he’s going to reclaim his title ever since he’s returned. With a few wins under his belt already, a big loss this recent after his return would only make him less viable as a contender.

Additionally — for NXT fans — it would be seen as a real shame if one of their best ever stars was brought up to only then lose.

Equally bad is that if Balor wins, it takes away any momentum Wyatt had after his win at Payback.

There’s no doubt that the pair will pull of stellar matches. On a storyline standpoint as well — The Demon vs. The Eater of Worlds has a certain allure to it. However, the payoff of one guy coming out looking weak may not be worth it.

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Without a title on the line, the match may be indicative of who RAW’s next main-eventer will be; with Balor looking to continue what he started on the main roster and Wyatt looking to hopefully regain main-event status.

With than in mind, there may be one redeeming factor in it all. Speculation of Balor starting his own stable have been around since WWE trademarked Balor Club. A larger group like the Wyatt Family may just be the best reason for Finn Balor to start recruiting.

With this month’s PPV being Smackdown‘s, RAW‘s Creative Team have got more than a month to figure out a way to salvage this feud. Both stars are talented enough to crowd RAW‘s world title scene, let’s hope WWE gets it right.

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What’s the best scenario for this feud? Who needs to come out on top? Or, is there no salvaging it?