WWE Raw, May 8: 3 Booking Decisions That Should Have Been Made

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1. Golden Truth Should Have Gone All the Way

Raw could have easily taken a page out of SmackDown Live‘s creative playbook. Golden Truth can be referred to as the Breezango of WWE Raw. The duo was the final entrants in the tag team turmoil to determine the new number one contenders for the Raw tag team titles. High stakes and a bit of storyline gave the team a newfound direction and relevance. Creative should have played along with it and given the team a nod.

Hardy Boys Vs Cesaro and Sheamus would always be a great match. However, we had just seen it. Watching it again in the next PPV would be overkill. Instead, an underdog team like the Golden Truth squaring off against the brothers would have been much more entertaining. Moreover, one of the easiest ways to make a title reign entertaining is to fill it with unexpected challengers in between predictable good challengers.

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On SmackDown, Usos Vs American Alpha would be a main event worthy money match on any day. However, by veering off from the usual and giving Breezango a shot at the title, creative has accomplished two things. Firstly, it gives another tag team a spot to shine. Secondly, it saved American Alpha Vs Usos from being too repetitive. This is what creative should have done on Raw as well. Such subtle changes could have made the show a more memorable one.

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Do you agree with the changes we have suggested? What booking decisions would you alter about this week’s edition of WWE Raw? Let us know in the comments section.