WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 8

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Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto

Result: No contest

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Here’s a legitimate question: Can Roman Reigns still be considered to be a “good guy”?

I understand that Roman has been basically terrorized by Strowman for the past several months. Dude was on a stretcher, then in an ambulance, and he still got attacked by Braun. At Payback, he got destroyed with the ring steps after the match. And, when Braun refused to fight Kalisto here, he called Reigns a “pathetic coward.” If anyone has a right to go a little crazy, it’s Roman.

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But this was more than just trying to get some retribution, if you ask me. If you’re trying to get some revenge, fine, but do it honorably. That’s literally the difference between “good guys” and “bad guys.” When Roman launched his attack, the first thing he did was attack the injured arm. If a heel did that, we’d call him a jerk. When Roman did it, shouldn’t we think he’s a jerk, too?

Braun showing vulnerability could be a good thing in the long term. He can take a few weeks off to heal, then come back bigger and badder than ever – but it may not be such a foregone conclusion when he wrestles someone. There would always be that chance that someone could get hot at the right time to take him down.

Here’s another serious question: What happened to Kalisto? Is he floating in the Phantom Zone somewhere?

Samoa Joe Is Rudely Interrupted

Man, Joe was dropping yet another fire promo, but here comes Rollins to beat him up. Jeez, guys, enough already!

Related: If these two just beat themselves up with literally everything in reach backstage and don’t get booked in an Extreme Rules match at, uh, Extreme Rules, this was pointless.

Goldust Pumps Up R-Truth

Goldust really is great. I hope that he sticks around for as long as he’s healthy enough to go, and then works as a coach for as long as he wants. This pep talk was fantastic, it made sense, it wasn’t too much – practically perfect.