WWE Raw: Should Dean Ambrose or the Miz Win the Intercontinental Title?


Next week on Raw Dean Ambrose defends his WWE Intercontinental Title against The Miz, this has been a long time coming so who should walk away as the champion?

Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz has been one of the main feuds for Raw in recent weeks, however neither man had a match at WWE Payback. It was a strange move, however both men will finally lock up over the IC Title on next week’s Raw. It is quite interesting that this match is not being saved for WWE Extreme Rules, but there could be something brewing that we haven’t seen yet. It is a big title match, and both men have a chance to win, but who would make the most sense walking out as IC Champion?

Currently Dean Ambrose has not been doing much with the title, not his fault though it is how he has been booked. Not having the title may actually benefit him moving forward, it would open him up for other feuds and different things to do. The Miz is a man who works better with a title, things seem to actually happen when he is a champion. There is just a magic with The Miz when he is a champion, it is far more interesting to see him on top rather than him having the chase. When he has someone chasing him for a title, it makes much more sense and it makes for compelling viewing.

With both men suffering losses this week, it leaves things quite open in terms of who will win next Monday. The Miz makes more sense and moving forward he is the right choice for the new champion, Ambrose does need to move away from that and he should be seen as a contender for the top prize. A feud with someone like Samoa Joe after the next PPV makes sense and it would do them both good. The Miz could have anyone as his next feud, Finn Balor or Roman Reigns are two names that come to mind with that. Going for the IC Title is a great stepping stone for Finn Balor, and The Miz already has had one great match with the man and their mic work together fitd well.

In terms of whether The Miz can make the title mean something again, he can and he proved that last year with his spectacular run. The title felt like it meant something again, he made it seem like the most important item in the world. Dean Ambrose unfortunately has not had that same feeling, the title feels like just an object. Where with The Miz it feels like so much more, and he works towards that with having opponents chase after him for that title. It is a shame that Ambrose’s run has not amounted to anything, he feels directionless right now and losing the title will give him purpose again.

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We wont know what will happen until next week, and there is no doubt their match will be a memorable one. Perhaps we will not get a clean ending and this feud continues on to WWE Extreme Rules. Even so, at the end of the day The Miz should capture the IC Title and both men can move on to other things. SummerSlam is only a few months away, both men deserve a spot on the card and by moving forward they can ensure that happens, if the booking is done right. Ambrose deserves more, he’s been fantastic on Raw since the ‘Superstar Shake-up’ and it is apparent he needs to be somewhere else on the card. The Miz has really made Monday Nights his own, and ruling the brand with a title is the right move for him.