Hiroshi Tanahashi’s Picture with John Cena Poster is Such a Tease (Photo)


Hiroshi Tanahashi had people buzzing on social media, after he took a picture with a John Cena poster.

Hiroshi Tanahashi has been New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest star of the past decade. He’s headlined all the biggest shows, including multiple Wrestle Kingdom events — the NJPW equivalent to WWE’s WrestleMania. The guy is a rockstar in Japan, to say the least, and will go down as one of the company’s greatest stars of all time.

This week, NJPW stars have been in the United States for Ring of Honor’s War of the Worlds tour. It’s an annual set of dates, where the two companies combine for a live event tour and the War of the Worlds pay-per-view, taking place on Friday, May 12. Tanahashi will face Adam Cole at the show.

Well, Tanahashi is already making a buzz — and that’s hours before War of the Worlds starts. He took a photo with a poster of John Cena at what could be a gym, giving us probably the one time we’ll ever see these two in the same graphic.

If you’re wondering what makes this so special, consider that Tanahashi is considered NJPW’s version of Cena. They’ve stood atop their respective companies for over a decade, headlined many marquee shows and have dominated the championship scene. They’re All-Stars in the wrestling business, and future Hall of Famers.

Cena and Tanahashi’s latter stages of their careers are headed in somewhat similar directions, too. They’re both making way for new stars, with Cena being replaced by Roman Reigns and Tanahashi by Kazuchika Okada. Reigns and Okada have both closed out their company’s biggest shows of the year with wins multiple times, and are taking over the Face role.

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It would have been a spectacle to see Cena and Tanahashi collide in the ring. However, with their careers slowing down, along with neither WWE or NJPW, respectively, this has no chance of happening.