Chris Jericho’s 5 Best Moments with ‘The List’

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5. “You’re questioning our friendship – you know what?”

Jeri-KO was just starting to get red hot as a tandem. Kevin Owens had recently settled into the main event picture as Finn Bálor’s successor as champion, and with Jericho being an equally respected athlete with almost two decades in the company under his belt, the two were really starting to pick up steam with their promos.

Throw in The New Day – one of the best WWE creations of the last few years in terms of mic work – and you’re in for something quite memorable.

“The List of Jericho” was really starting to make headway as Y2J’s next big idiom in a long line of greats, with the man having created the concept not long beforehand as a way to cite every instance of unfair management on Mick Foley’s behalf.

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It then transformed into Jericho’s means of documenting the names of every “stupid idiot” he comes across, and on this faithful night, it had its work cut out for it.

For doubting Jeri-KO’s friendship, and insinuating that The New Day had the strongest bond in WWE, Kofi Kingston was first in line for entry onto Chris Jericho’s wicked clipboard. In taking their challenge into consideration with a “champion’s huddle” – which Jericho was not invited to – Big E found his name on the list.

Finally, for laughing at his cohorts’ collective misfortune, Xavier Woods was next to suffer the wrath of Jericho, selling his punishment as if God had come down from the heavens and personally sentenced him to eternal damnation.