ROH War of the Worlds 2017 Results: World Title Match, Adam Cole Out of Bullet Club

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Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Adam Cole

Result: Tanahashi defeats Cole.

The commentary team really built these two competitors up. Comparing Adam Cole vs Hiroshi Tanahashi to the likes of Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan. While that might sound like an incredibly high bar, the two men lived up to the hype inside the squared circle.

The match was very competitive, full of counters and superkicks. Tanahashi did the abdominal stretch air-guitar early in the contest, complete with a “TANAHASHI BAY-BAY!” Cole was so desperate at one point he did a frog splash off the top rope, which led to a near fall, leaving the former ROH world champ in the corner contemplating what he could possibly do to keepTanahashi down. Eventually, it was a frog splash is what put Cole down for the count.

“Thank you, Adam,” chants quickly followed the match. The Young Bucks quickly slid into the ring and teased superkicking Cole. However, no superkick, just smiles and a Bullet Club “Curtain Call.” Then the lights went out and Kenny Omega appeared on the screen.

Omega said he was disappointed with the curtain call. Disappointed that the Young Bucks would celebrate with a man who tried to fire them just two months prior. The Cleaner even expressed disappointment in the crowd chanting “thank you Adam” after all the disrespect Cole has shown them.

Omega told Cole that he has had a storied and successful career in both wrestling and in Bullet Club. Comparing the run to a fairytale, every one of these has to have a hero and a villain.

Out of the darkness appeared Marty Scurll, complete with Bullet Club shirt and umbrella. The Young Buck then (literally) superkicked Cole out of Bullet Club. The legacy of Biz Cliz grows stronger as they add the ROH World TV Championship to their stable’s accomplishments.

ROH World Championship Match
Christopher Daniels (c) vs Cody vs Jay Lethal

Result: Christopher Daniels defeats Cody and Jay Lethal.

Cody was billed as an “outsider” coming to take the ROH World Heavyweight Championship to Japan. If the American Nightmare were to capture the prestigious title, Bullet Club would have dominated the War of the Worlds, capturing all but the six-man tag team titles.

Lethal injured his ankle early in the match, following a dive to both men on the outside. This allowed the match to have a more casual pace to start. As the match built, all three competitors gained momentum and the pace accelerated.

One spot saw Lethal and Daniels in the corner with Cody attempting a double powerbomb. Daniels reversed it into an hurricanrana but Cody hit him with a crossroads which allowed Lethal to hit a big elbow off the top.

Daniels got put through a table which gave the heated rivals Cody and Lethal time to go at one another. Cody would hit another crossroads and put Lethal in a figure four. This allowed the champ to hit the best moonsault ever on Cody for the pinfall while the submission was still applied to Lethal.

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This match was a solid finish to another great ROH-NJPW event.