WWE Backlash: 5 Best Performers of All Time

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1. Edge

Much like the rest of the superstars here, Edge always seemed to take things up a level on pay per view.  I mean we’re talking about a guy who has captured 19 championships on PPV, 8 of which being world titles.  Talk about accomplished.

Edge, too did not have a great record on Backlash at 4-5 but when you remember some of the matches he performed in, you’ll see why he’s No. 1.  Things started off slow, going 1-1 in tag matches in 1999 and 2000.  Things kicked into gear a little bit in 2002 when he had a tremendous match with Kurt Angle, although it was in a losing effort.  In 2005 he battled Chris Benoit in another losing effort but alas was another outstanding battle.  But then from 2006-2009, Edge owned Backlash performance-wise.  In 06 he lost in a triple threat match that included Triple H and John Cena.  In 07′, he lost in a fatal 4-way match, once Cena once again prevailing.  In 08′, he lost to The Undertaker in world title match during their feud of the year.  All 3 of these matches were easily the best on each card.

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But it was at the 2009 event that Edge cemented his Backlash legacy.  On that night in Providence, Rhode Island, “The Rated R Superstar” finally topped John Cena in a 28 minute mayhem-producing last man standing match.  And yes, Edge received a major assist from The Big Show, but that doesn’t negate how amazing the battle was.  In defeating Cena, Edge picked up 9th of what would eventually be 11 world titles and added another accomplishment to his now hall of fame career.