Predicting Brock Lesnar’s Next 4 WWE Raw Appearances

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July 10

The July 10 episode of Raw is the post-Great Balls of Fire show. It will see the aftermath of what happens in Dallas, TX, including the Universal Championship match, with Lesnar vs. Balor battling for it in the main event.

For the Great Balls of Fire main event, we’ll predict Balor winning – however, by disqualification. This will be due to Strowman returning to Raw for the first time since undergoing elbow surgery, interrupting the match and causing it to end early. This preserves Balor’s Demon persona, which has yet to be pinned on the main roster (he got pinned with the war paint on in NXT in June 2016).

On this episode of Raw, Heyman and Lesnar can call out the Monster Among Men, who would come down to the ring. In order to save an eventual confrontation for later in their feud, Strowman can back away from a fight, much like he did on the post-WrestleMania 33 episode of Raw.

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Lesnar’s appearances on Raw will be highly anticipated, as it gets the Universal Championship back on TV. What do you think he’ll do across these four times on Raw? Who will step up as the No. 1 Contender to the title?