Randy Orton Issues ‘Apology’ to the Indie Wrestling Scene


Randy Orton sinks his fangs into independent wrestling and former WWE star on Twitter.

Randy Orton spent his Sunday trolling the independent wrestling scene. Oh, boy did he set Twitter on fire.

The trolling began sometime on May 13, when Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer Rip Rodgers, posted this tweet.

After that tweet was posted, Randy Orton who also trained in OVW, retweeted what Rodgers posted with the word “dive…”:

Seems pretty harmless right? Wrong! Current independent star (ROH) and former WWE Superstar Bubba Ray Dudley posted a picture of himself diving. He used the same “dive” reference as Orton. But just as quick as his RKO can come “outta nowhere”, The Viper had this response:

Ouch! Bubba Ray would go on to tweet Orton back that the tweet had nothing to do with him. He even took a shot that him falling was better than the house of horrors match. Bubba’s initial tweet definitely looked like he was trying to get one over on Randy.

The trolling for Orton wouldn’t stop there. Finally, he issued a statement of apology to the indy wrestling world. And well, take a look:

Double ouch! Say what you want about Orton he knows how to get a rise out of anyone. He is a 13 time champion for a reason. He had some people on Twitter supporting his actions. Here are some noteworthy tweets:

Randy Orton can claim the legend that is the indie wrestling scene apart of his “Legend Killer” status. Well at least for a day he can. Orton is shedding light on what a lot of older wrestlers are complaining about. Sometimes in wrestling less is more. Consequently, with influx of high flyers and “spot monkeys” in professional wrestling, this is the direction wrestling is headed…dive…

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Comment and let me know if you think if Randy Orton is spot on or if he missing the mark.