Is Roman Reigns vs. The Miz on WWE Raw Beneficial?


Roman Reigns and The Miz program on WWE RAW might not benefit Reigns at all.

Roman Reigns was involved in one of the more entertaining feuds on WWE RAW with another powerhouse, Braun Strowman. However, a recent injury to Strowman has derailed the momentum of a great rivalry. So, with this premature end of the feud, where does that leave the two men going forward? Well, obviously Strowman will see Brock Lesnar in the near future (Monster vs Beast.) And Roman, well he is going to battle … The Miz?

A storyline between probably the best heel on the mic, the Miz and Reigns is potentially happening. According to Billi Bhatti, formerly of Wrestling Inc, “The feud was originally planned to begin after Extreme Rules, where the Big Dog was set to lose an Ambulance Match against Strowman. From there, Strowman would have moved on to Brock Lesnar and Reigns to the Miz.” These two superstars will indeed put on some quality matches, however, Reigns will meet his demise in promo segments.

Reigns, no matter how good he is in the ring, is lacking in a major department. That is his ability to give a promo.  You can not convince fans that you are “The Top Dog” if you can’t talk the talk. The Miz, on the other hand, can talk with the best of them. Also, he is no slouch in the ring either. On Smackdown Live, The Miz was handing out verbal lashing to all his opponents in the ring and on Talking Smack. Who can forget the gem of a shoot he did on Daniel Bryan, or his witty promos with John Cena? If Reigns doesn’t match his promo game with his in-ring performance, he will continue to hear boos.

The Miz and Reigns program will provide if nothing else, a ratings boost. RAW is struggling right now, so this will provide some much see moments. Miz will shell out the same level of entertainment he did on Tuesdays nights. Hence for Miz, it places him in the main event scene. Reigns, on the other hand, will just continue to be hated by getting over on another opponent. The outcome of that will leave fans cheering for the heel (Miz) and booing the babyface (Reigns). The only way this feud benefits Reigns is if it’s used to finally turn heel and give the fans something to really boo about. Other than that the former Shield man is not getting over in this program.

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