4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 15, 2017

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Another Championship for the Awesome One

Two weeks ago, The Miz managed defeat both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins to become number one contender. The day has finally come for his shot at the Intercontinental Championship, and with it a chance to make history. If the Awesome One is able to defeat Dean Ambrose, he’ll become the man with the second-most reigns with the midcard belt at seven. That’s an incredible statistic, which just goes to show how far Miz has come since his debut.

As for Ambrose, this current reign as champion hasn’t produced the level of excitement fans would expect. Although he’s a very popular performer (deservedly so), it feels as though the Lunatic Fringe is lacking a vital spark. Most of the time losses hurt a competitor, but it might be exactly what Ambrose needs. He’s been a part of the Intercontinental title scene for months at this point, and now it’s time for him to ascend the ranks.

Having fought one another multiple times at this point, Ambrose and Miz have the chance to put on an amazing match. If their past performances are any indication, the action is going to be exciting and engaging. The result could potentially go either way, which also helps to generate buzz around the contest. Regardless of who emerges the winner tonight, these athletes have the chance to elevate the midcard scene. Doing so will benefit themselves, the belt, and most importantly, the company at large.

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