Adam Cole: Staying in ROH or Going to NJPW Are Options


Where could Adam Cole go for his next contract? He named two options in a recent interview.

The wrestling world is abuzz after this past weekend’s Ring of Honor: War of the Worlds event.  After a

hard-fought back and forth battle between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Adam Cole, within which Cole took the loss, his Bullet Club brethren came to the ring.  Cole was joined by the Young Bucks, his closest confidants within the Bullet Club.  

After a moment of trepidation, the Bucks embraced Cole and they began their usual schtick. The Superkliq, as they have come to be known, would soon be interrupted by a video on the big screen.  The crowd was then treated to the Bullet Club’s de facto leader Kenny Omega effectively firing Cole from the Bullet Club.  This comes on the heels of Omega and Cole having a heated rivalry for the sole leadership of the Bullet Club.  Omega also hinted that there would be a new member to replace Cole.   

As the lights returned, standing in the middle of the ring was “The Villain” Marty Scurll.  A beatdown of Cole commenced with a superkick party and assault by an umbrella.  After the beating, the Bucks proceeded to complete their Superkliq taunt by kissing the unconscious Cole and leaving with Scurll.

Before this PPV, in a recent interview with John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling, Cole stated that if the deal was right he may stay with ROH or could even cut out the middleman and go directly to NJPW.  Fans and pundits alike are refreshing their source websites on a daily basis to see if there is any news surrounding his next home.  It should be noted this came days before his farewell speech at an ROH TV taping.

This was all done in order to essentially write Cole out of the Bullet Club, Ring of Honor, and by extension New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Earlier this month, Cole’s contract with Ring of Honor expired and as of now it doesn’t appear that he will be re-signing.  This will make Cole the most intriguing free agent on the market not named Cody Rhodes.

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There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the impending possibility and now the reality of Cole being a free agent.  With the majority of his career being spent under the ROH banner, this will be his first chance to test the open market since 2009.  The heavy favorites to land the services of Cole are the WWE and more their NXT brand.  NXT has evolved from a developmental league into a super indy of sorts with many big independent names signing with the company over the last few years.