WWE SummerSlam 2017: 3 Potential Main Events Without Braun Strowman

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Source: WWE.com

1. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor

Despite WWE wanting Lesnar vs. Reigns for WrestleMania 34, it wouldn’t be crazy to see them both still involved in the SummerSlam main event. However, they would be joined by Finn Balor, making this a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship.

Balor is part of the Extreme Rules main event, which will determine Lesnar’s next contender for the Universal Championship. WWE didn’t confirm this, but the bout will presumably take place at Great Balls of Fire on Jul. 9. He’ll have to battle through four other Raw stars to get this opportunity.

In this scenario, we’re picking Balor to win. This doesn’t immediately impact SummerSlam, but if he faces Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire and the match ends dirty, could that set up a rematch?

Given the size differences and not wanting to do a rematch for the main event of a top show so soon, WWE could add someone like Reigns to freshen things up. That may take away the 10 minutes or less that Lesnar has competed in the ring for since SummerSlam 2016, and actually put him back through a 15-20 minute in-ring showcase (he hasn’t done this since WrestleMania 32).

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Balor would be taking the pin in this, especially if Lesnar vs. Reigns is still the plan for next April. However, this has the opportunity to be one of WWE’s best matches of 2017, no matter who pins who with their finisher.