WWE Backlash 2017: 3 Booking Decisions to Avoid

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1.Make the Wait Worth it

Nakamura has made a number of appearances on Smackdown opposite Dolph Ziggler, but has yet to have a televised match.

The excitement that followed him when he first showed up on Smackdown is slowly fading away. It would be a cruel anti-climax if his match at WWE Backlash was a squash match.

With weeks of build up, there needs to be a big blowoff.

It would also do Ziggler justice, showing that he too is a capable wrestler.

This match could be interesting, with it being Nakamura’s first PPV match fighting a ‘WWE guy’.

Not only would it show Nakamura’s versatility to work with several workers, but it would make Dolph ‘The WWE Guy’ Ziggler look like a million bucks for taking a good beating from the King of Strong Style.

By now it is almost a certainty that Nakamura would win, WWE just needs to make it a big one.

For those who watch NXT, they would know that none of his PPV matches have been throw aways. For him to only go up and debut in a lackluster match — it seems a waste.

Both stars are capable of stealing the show, WWE just needs to give them the green light.

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Was there anything I missed? What does WWE have to avoid to make sure Backlash goes smoothly?