Who Attacked Enzo Amore on WWE Raw?


During Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, Enzo Amore was seen having been beaten up backstage. Is there any evidence of who may have done it?

Enzo Amore is one of the most outspoken WWE Superstars on not just Raw, but in the company. His promos are always brash and full of one-liners that will make fans cheer, laugh or cringe.

Through Amore’s time on the WWE main roster, he has continued his tag team with Big Cass. They’ve feuded with Rusev, Jinder Mahal, The Club, The Vaudevillains, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and other talents. However, they may be going into their most unique program yet.

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Cass was seen getting a referee to rush to Amore backstage. When they saw one-half of the Realest Guys in the Room battered and bruised on the ground. He said it was a blindsided attack, so the assailant wasn’t seen.

After they checked on Amore, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle said they’ll find out who did this. Cass then turned to Angle to say he better find out who did this, and it shouldn’t be [Cass] who figures it out first.

It leads to the question of, who attacked Amore?

Well, since there were no obvious clues, it could be anyone on the roster. However, what if Cass pulled this off?

While being angry over the attack is understandable for the Master of the Empire Elbow, he had an attitude toward Angle, something not normally seen from him. Was this a sign of Cass being defensive? Is he hiding what he did to Amore?

If this is the case, it would be the latest WWE break-up. Tommaso Ciampa just broke everyone’s hearts at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, by beating up long-time tag team partner, Johnny Gargano.

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Who beat up Amore? Was it Cass? How about someone else on the roster? Let us know who you think.