WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Can Any Potential Winner Defeat Brock Lesnar?


By the time Extreme Rules has concluded, we will have a new number one contender for the Universal Championship. The only question is, do they have the skillset necessary to take down Brock Lesnar?

Before an untimely injury halted the momentum of Braun Strowman, the original plan was for him to face Brock Lesnar. The match would’ve been held at the Great Balls of Fire event, with the Universal Championship up for grabs. In an effort to bounce back from Strowman’s injury, WWE has created a stellar main event for Extreme Rules.

For the first time in company history, five superstars will compete in an extreme rules match. Those five superstars are Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Seth Rollins. Stakes are at an all-time high for these athletes, as a victory here will guarantee them a future shot at the Universal Championship.

Even though these competitors comprise some of the very best of today’s talent, do they have a chance against the Beast Incarnate? This is the man who ended The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak. Lesnar conquered veterans such as Goldberg, John Cena, and Triple H in recent memory. The dominant run he’s had over the past three years is one that we’ll never see again in this industry. With all of these credentials on the table, can this monstrous athlete be defeated?

Out of the five men currently scheduled for the Extreme Rules main event, it’s hard to pick a true contender. Bray Wyatt has been hampered by inconsistent booking, and many of his big match attempts ended in failure. Finn Balor is an extremely over and athletic talent, but his run on the main roster is still recovering from the unfortunate injury he had last summer. Samoa Joe is one of the toughest men in the business today, and yet he’s fresh off a loss to Seth Rollins.

Judging by what’s been said above, it can be argued that Reigns and Rollins are the only logical choices. However, the last time Rollins met Lesnar inside the squared circle, he was utterly beaten by the Beast Incarnate. The only reason why there’s no loss on his record to prove so is because The Undertaker attacked Lesnar, drawing a no-contest. At the present time, the Architect has done little to suggest that same fate doesn’t await him if another encounter takes place.

As much as fans hate it being so, the fact remains that Roman Reigns is probably going to be the one to defeat Brock Lesnar. No matter how hard fans try to voice their displeasure, the Big Dog achieves accolade after accolade. He’s a former three-time world champion, and the 2015 Royal Rumble winner. Plus, it can be argued that during their only singles match against each other (WrestleMania 31), Reigns was moments away from beating the Beast. Besides Goldberg and The Undertaker, no one has been able to give Lesnar a run for his money.

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Seeing as how Reigns is being touted as the John Cena of our generation, his success is bound to continue. Time will tell if that road to glory involves conquering Brock Lesnar.

Who do you believe will be the next superstar to face Brock Lesnar? Let us know in the comments down below.