5 Most Shocking Wins in WWE History

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1. The Streak Ends

What else would be number one? This night will go down as the greatest upset and most disappointing nights in sports entertainment history. Brock Lesnar, previously on this list for being defeated in mere minutes, is the owner of the top spot. After 21 other superstars took on The Undertaker at WrestlMainas prior, Lesnar was the one to be “The 1 in 21-1.” The feud was good and the build up was everything you’d expect from a big Maina match.

The WWE Universe had grown accustomed to ‘Taker winning at “The Grand Daddy of the All,” but on this night we would be in for the biggest shock of our lives. Lesnar’s motto leading up to that night was, “Eat Sleep Conquer The Streak.” Since Taker had never lost at WrestleMania, Lensar’s motto was unbelievable. However, this night The Undertaker would meet his maker.

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Due to three F-5’s by Brock Lesnar, the legend that was The Undertaker’s streak died. Consequently, so did a lot of hopes and dreams in the WWE Universe. The Superdome was silent, you could hear hearts breaking. Nothing in WWE history will ever top this most shocking win of all time.