WWE Women’s Tournament Receives Official Name, Dates for Taping


The 2017 WWE Women’s Tournament has received its official name, as well as when it will be taking place.

During WrestleMania 33 weekend, the WWE Women’s Tournament was announced. No details were officially announced, other than it featuring 32 competitors, identical to 2016’s Cruiserweight Classic.

Over the past few weeks, reports have trickled in with potential information about the tournament. This included possible taping dates at Full Sail University, as well as how WWE wants to release the show on the WWE Network.

Well, an official title has been given to the Women’s Tournament: it will be known as the Mae Young Classic. Triple H announced this on Twitter, and said the show will take place on July 13 and 14 from Full Sail:

This is the biggest official development since WWE announced the tournament in April. So it would seem we’re getting closer to more being known, especially with the taping dates being less than two months away.

WWE has named other tournaments in honor of past stars of the business, most notably the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in NXT. It’s been used the past two years, with it being a tribute to Rhodes, after his death in 2015.

Mae Young is a legendary women’s wrestler, who passed away in January 2014. She wrestled across the NWA territories throughout the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. This included being the first-ever NWA United States Women’s Champion.

Eventually, Young took on a role in WWE in 1999 as an on-screen character. She was occasionally featured in matches, as well an infamous storyline with Mark Henry.

In 2008, Young was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Pat Patterson. She appeared on programming a few times afterward, before he death.

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Let’s see what develops next with the Mae Young Classic. Maybe it will be the competitors involved, once WWE locks them down to contracts for this.