5 Worst WWE Extreme Rules Match Gimmicks

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1. Extreme Pudding Match

Former 5-time Women’s champ Melina is never going to be remembered as someone who made a lot of friends during her time in the WWE.  Rumors of her backstage politicking and petty feuds are rampant across the internet.  However, no matter what she did wrong, she didn’t deserve to be pit in this match at the 2007 One Night Stand: Extreme Rules pay per view against Candice Michelle.

Melina, the Women’s champion at that time, was booked so badly during that title run, it makes you wonder if the company thought that putting the belt on her was a mistake.  She got in to this feud with Michelle, who at that time really couldn’t wrestle, and some how ended up in the non-title affair in a giant tub of pudding.  To make matters worse, Melina lost by really the only means of defeat possible in this environment when Michelle drowned in the chocolate river.  Riveting stuff, huh?  A month later at Night of Champions, Michelle got the job done for the belt in the old-fashioned way when she pinned the champ in a 4-minute nail-biter.

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That match happened 10 years ago and since then, the perception of women’s wrestling in the WWE has changed dramatically.  I mean, could you picture Charlotte and Sasha Banks thrashing around in sea a of pudding?  Or the ladies of Smackdown battling it out in a bra and panties match?  Thankfully the product has come around to respecting these athletes for what they are.  Legitimate and talented professional wrestlers who didn’t need a “Divas Search” to make it.  The sad part?  Melina was good enough to be one of those girls.  But through a combination of her own actions coupled with nonsense like this pudding match, she was out of the company after just 6 years.