WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Bayley Needs to Show Mean Streak Ahead of Raw PPV


Bayley may be known as The Huggable One, but she should reveal a mean streak on Raw ahead of her Kendo Stick on a Pole Match with Alexa Bliss.

Bayley and Bliss will meet at Extreme Rules in a Raw Women’s Championship rematch, and the feud has helped reestablish momentum for the former champion, who had lost some steam post-WrestleMania.

Bayley’s character works best when she is chasing her goals, in this case the championship, but is consistently pushed down. This can be either through friends turning on her, being outnumbered or in the case of Alexa Bliss, stealing victories and then using a weapon to beat down the Hugster.

Eventually comes the time to overcome the adversity and fight back, rallying the support of the fans who are rooting for you to take home the gold. Bliss has consistently held the upper hand in this feud, but Bayley should shift up a gear on the go-home edition of Raw, showing a rare mean streak and proving she is capable of taking it to the “extreme”.

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Just as Bliss appears on the scene to hit Bayley with a cheap shot and stand tall once again, The Huggable One fights back and finally gets the opportunity to exact revenge with the kendo stick. With all the pent-up aggression built up in recent weeks, Bayley can unleash her frustrations on Bliss and show she means business the following Sunday.

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Bliss has disrespected Bayley from the moment she arrived on Raw via the Superstar Shakeup. Since, she used an exposed turnbuckle to her advantage in capturing the Raw Women’s Championship, and struck both Bayley and Mickie James from behind with a kendo stick in recent weeks.

Bayley is winning the sympathy votes, but now is the time to prove she’s no pushover. Shifting into that next gear can make all the difference on the go-home show.

In NXT, adversity was always just around the corner for Bayley, which is what made her eventual Women’s title win all the more enjoyable.

Sasha Banks would be the perfect antagonist for Bayley this summer should she turn heel, regardless of whether her friend regains the Women’s Championship. These two are pals on Raw, but this wasn’t always the case; the two had great chemistry as rivals on NXT, and Banks brought out some of Bayley’s finest work on the microphone and in the ring.

Bliss can do the same, but the former NXT Women’s Champion needs to show a more serious side. This feud has become personal, and we should see this from the former champion.

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It may be too soon to end Bliss’ reign on top of the Raw Women’s division, but Bayley shouldn’t go down without a fight, showing a meaner streak we rarely see, and shining light on another dimension to her character.