WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Bayley Needs Sasha Banks Feud If She Loses


A match between Bayley and Sasha Banks at SummerSlam could steal the show, and it’s the direction the WWE should go in if Alexa Bliss retains the Raw Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules.

Should Bayley lose to Bliss this Sunday, it’s fair to assume she will be out of the title picture. Before Sasha gets her own opportunity to regain the title, she should collide with her best friend.

Friendships don’t last in the WWE, especially when you’re as close as these two. Since Bayley arrived on Raw last year, she’s formed a tight relationship with The Boss. And what’s happened in 2017? Sasha hasn’t received a single one-on-one match for the Women’s title at a pay-per-view event.

It could be time for Sasha to develop a persona closer to the one we saw in NXT. The Boss didn’t care about the fans or friendships, unless they helped further her own career. It led her to an NXT Women’s Championship reign in 2015.

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While Bayley and Banks have been buddies since The Huggable One was called up to the main roster, they were rivals for the majority of their time together on NXT. Sasha had no problem attacking Bayley back then; why would now be any different if she felt it helped launch her into the Women’s title picture?

A villainous Banks would give an intriguing shakeup to the Women’s division on Raw. For it to happen, it may require a current heel turning babyface to balance out the roster.

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That woman could be Nia Jax. Currently working alongside Alexa Bliss, Jax has been promised a future championship opportunity. It’s obvious Bliss has no intention on getting in the ring with Jax, which could eventually lead to some tension between the two.

As Bayley and Sasha feud, Jax could become a good guy, challenging Bliss for the title.

Another potential challenger is Mickie James, who too shares history with the current champion. It was Bliss who brought her back to the WWE. The two went their separate ways once Bliss refused to make good on a promise to award James a title opportunity. Sound familiar?

While Bliss fends off Jax and James for the Raw Women’s Championship, Bayley and Sasha could meet at SummerSlam. The (soon-to-be former) best friends would have every chance to steal the show. After all, their match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was voted Match of the Year in the 2015 NXT Year-End Awards. Their rematch at NXT TakeOver: Respect, a 30-Minute Ironman Match, was also nominated.

Their personal history can sell the fight; this feud wouldn’t need the Women’s title involved. As Bliss benefits from defending her championship against fresh opponents, the winner of the Bayley-Sasha feud could catapult themselves into the title picture entering the fall.

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Given their rich history, backstory and chemistry together in the ring, a feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks would not only be must-see for its storytelling, but a match at SummerSlam might just steal the show.