WWE Raw: Division Rankings Before Extreme Rules 2017

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The RAW World Title Picture

Highlights of the Division

The Fatal-5 Way Match at Extreme Rules might have two favorites to win the whole thing and challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

Samoa Joe for the first time since arriving on RAW in January is a bonafide title contender after his huge triple threat win. Joe has been climbing up the mid card and world title rankings for months now but now has strung up impressive wins the past few weeks. On the recent episode of the WWE Network’s Table for 3: Jim Cornette told Eric Bishoff and Michael Hayes that his dream Wrestlemania 34 match would be a submission match between Lesnar and Joe. Not sure about the submission match but a title match between these two monsters would be a welcome sight.

Roman Reigns defeated his former Shield brethren Seth Rollins and climbed up one spot in the contender rankings. Look for the Big Dog to be the perennial favorite to win the Extreme Rules main event. That was the original plan after WrestleMania 33 and wouldn’t be a shock if that does come to fruition. Both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have unfinished business after what happened at their WrestleMania 31 title match. Look for the WWE to play up that angle.   

As for Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt: it’ll be surprising if any of these three men do win the match and claim the No. 1 Contender spot. It’s hard to envision each man facing Lesnar and defeating him for the title. Wyatt may look like the wild card that can steal a win at Extreme Rules. The odds are stacked against him but he’s had an unusual booking for the year so far.

These are the rankings for the division this week.

WWE Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar (1 Win – 1 Loss)


  • Top Contender: Braun Strowman (7 Wins – 5 Losses) (Injured)
  • Contender No. 2: Roman Reigns (9 Wins – 8 Losses) (Moved Up 1 Spot)
  • Contender No. 3: Seth Rollins (6 Wins – 5 Losses)
  • Contender No. 4: Samoa Joe (8 Wins – 5 Losses) (Moved Up 1 Spot)


  • Pretender No. 1: Bray Wyatt (6 Wins – 7 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 2: Finn Balor (6 Wins – 3 Losses)

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