WWE NXT: 3 Potential Opponents for Bobby Roode

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2. Kassius Ohno

Fans were outraged when Ohno was released from WWE three years ago.  Second chances are a big thing in WWE, and Ohno has made his way back into the company.  Ohno is very popular with the fans, and his talent is undeniable.  Perhaps his biggest setback is the noticeable weight gain since his departure with the company.

However, with the fans in his corner, Ohno is definitely a contender for the veteran Roode.  The two squared off this past March in a great match although Ohno was on the losing end.  This can be revisited down the road if storylines allow it.  It may not be over after all.

Ohno’s potential to win the Championship would be a headline and a big surprise.  His experience in the ring helps him gain traction in NXT but as its next big face, there is work that needs to be done.  Ohno is capable of doing it, and if the company is committed to him, it will happen.

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As of this writing (spoiler free here), Ohno hasn’t been involved in one specific storyline.  Even though he has returned recently, perhaps that will change soon.  He will need a feud to get going before setting his sights on the NXT Championship once more.