Jeff Hardy Jumps from Top of Steel Cage at WWE Extreme Rules (Video)


Not surprisingly, Jeff Hardy went from the top of the Steel Cage to hit an eye-popping move.

Jeff Hardy has always been known for his wacky stunts. He’s done this for most of his wrestling career, from WWE to TNA. However, he pulled something else off at Extreme Rules.

Jeff and Matt Hardy competed in a Steel Cage match with their Raw Tag Team Championships on the line. Unlike most bouts of this type, it could only be won by escaping the cage.

First, Jeff escaped the cage, which left Matt to battle Cesaro and Sheamus. However, once Brother Nero saw his brother struggling, he climbed to the top of the structure and hit Whisper in the Wind, taking out the challengers and getting a pop from the venue:

A few times per year, WWE Superstars will do something wild like this off the top of a cage. It will only happen from those who have the athleticism and courage to jump, which easily fits the description of Jeff Hardy.

For The Hardys, however, they dropped their Raw Tag Team Championships by mere inches in this match. They escaped the cage seconds after Cesaro and Sheamus did, which caused the titles to change hands and halt the momentum Team Extreme had from their WrestleMania 33 return.

Given the nature of WWE title feuds, fans will likely get a rematch of these two teams. Great Balls of Fire is about one month away, so could this be when The Hardys and Cesaro and Sheamus go head-to-head again?

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What did you think of this move from Jeff Hardy? Was it one of the top moments from Extreme Rules?