WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Did Alexa Bliss, Bayley Make Up for Horrible Raw Segment?


After a painfully awful “this is your life” segment on RAW, could Bliss and Bayley reignite some passion into their rivalry at Extreme Rules?

On April 10th, Alexa Bliss made her first appearance on RAW.  The former Smackdown Women’s champion was a welcome sight on the red brand after they lost Charlotte Flair in the superstar shakeup.  Less than 3 weeks later, “Five Feet of Fury” was the RAW Women’s champion, defeating Bayley at Payback and becoming the first woman to hold both titles.

Since then, however, the program between the two has become pretty stale.  This culminated on the “go home” episode of RAW in the ‘this is your life” segment that Bliss pulled on her foe.  The segment, which was met with heavy criticism from the WWE fans, did nothing to help further this rivalry head of their kendo stick-on-a-pole match at Extreme Rules.  Could these two talented superstars turn the momentum in their stagnant feud Sunday night?  Read ahead to find out.

Bayley entered Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore first.

And then the champ.

Stunningly, the crowd seemed to favor Bliss in the introductions but Bayley took control early and attempted to get the kendo stick.  The two then both went to the top rope trying to get the weapon and it fell to the ring.

Bliss went for the stick but Bayley cut her off and landed a vicious belly to back suplex on the floor.  Bayley then commandeered the stick and Bliss got on her horse.  Bayley thought about it for a while, just long enough for Bliss to counter and get the stick herself which she used to wear out the huggable one.

But just as Bayley seemed to be wilting, she came back with a beautiful Bayley to Belly suplex.  But Bliss wouldn’t be held down long, coming back with more kendo stick shots and then a DDT for a shocking 1-2-3.

Winner and still champion: Alexa Bliss

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What did you think of this match at Extreme Rules? Did the right woman win?