WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Are Matt and Jeff Hardy Still Champions?


During the Extreme Rules event, Matt and Jeff Hardy competed in a steel cage match against Cesaro and Sheamus. With the Raw Tag Team Championship on the line, were the Hardy Boyz able to retain the gold?

Since returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33, the Hardy Boyz have been a focal point on Raw. As the current Tag Team Champions for the brand, they’ve managed to instill new life into the division. Lately, the brothers have faced stiff competition in the form of Cesaro and Sheamus.

Having won the Raw Tag Team Championship together once before, Cesaro and Sheamus know exactly what it takes to emerge victoriously. Despite this, the duo have been unable to defeat the Hardy Boyz. After failing to defeat the champions at Payback, the number one contenders shifted to heel status. Savagely assaulting Matt and Jeff following the match, it quickly became apparent that things were far from over.

In the weeks leading up to Extreme Rules, the Hardy Boyz earned the right to pick the match stipulation. Choosing the steel cage, they steered away from their ladder match prowess. Here tonight, we will either see them retain in this environment, or witness new champions being crowned.

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Shifting focus to the contest itself, the steel cage appeared first, lowering ominously to the ring. Once the steel cage lowered, the challengers were the first superstars to make their entrance. Sporting their recent change in attire, they both appear ready for a fight. Next out is the Hardy Boyz, who receive a pretty decent crowd reaction.

When the match started, Cesaro and Sheamus quickly tried to escape the cage, The champions thwarted the attempt, striking early and taking control. Sheamus was clotheslined into the cage, but Cesaro was able to fend off both opponents for a time. The Hardy Boyz were launched into the cage when Sheamus recovered, allowing the challengers to take control of the contest.

From here, each superstar was able to land a few offensive moves, with the cage being used often as a weapon. Among the beginning spots of the match, some of the cooler moments involved a pair of dropkicks into the cage by the Hardy Boyz and Sheamus viciously throwing Jeff Hardy into the cage.

Later on in the match, Jeff was the first one to escape the cage for his team. Left alone to fend against the challengers, Matt tried his best to escape quickly. Unfortunately, the numbers game kept him from doing so. A double High Cross slowed down the pace, which caused Jeff to attempt and offer his assistance. Opening the cage door, he was swiftly met with a Brogue Kick which sent the door into Jeff’s face.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Sheamus and sent Cesaro crashing to the mat. He managed to get to the top of the cage, but the challengers recovered and delivered a White Noise from the top rope. Before they were able to regain their footing, Jeff leaped from the top of the cage with an awesome whisper in the wind. This caused all four men to remain damaged on the mat for a time, resetting the match and making it anyone’s ball game.

Struggling to their feet, the challengers tried to climb out of the cage. Meanwhile, Matt tried to escape through the cage door, dragging Jeff out in the process. Moments before the champions left the cage, Cesaro and Sheamus managed to have their feet touch the ground first, winning the match and the gold.

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Although the Hardy Boyz have impressed since their return, WWE made the right decision here tonight. Eventually, their act would’ve grown stale and fans may have turned away from the popular duo. Cesaro and Sheamus needed the win more to establish themselves, and now they can build themselves as dominant champions.