WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Is Neville or Austin Aries Cruiserweight Champion?


After their 3rd straight Cruiserweight title match, who walked out of Extreme Rules as champion?

At Wrestlemania 33, Cruiserweight champion Neville defended his title against Austin Aries in a match that almost stole the show.  The two 205’ers went toe to toe for 19 minutes and Neville, using an eye rake, kept his belt.  4 weeks later, Aries got his rematch at Payback and although successful in winning, “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” failed to capture Neville’s belt due to his win coming by way of disqualification.  Extreme Rules will mark their 3rd encounter and potentially Aries final chance of grasping the title.

So who walked out of Extreme Rules as Cruiserweight champion?  Read ahead to find out.

The challenger entered first.

Followed by the 126-day reigning champ.

The two traded strikes before Neville twisted his opponent into a Rings of Saturn type submission.

Aries then almost immediately locked in a guillotine that sent Neville to the ropes again.  After another exchange, Aries went for the Last Chancery but Neville retreated to the outside.  Out of the ring, it was all Aries, driving his foe into the guard rail twice.

A flying attack from Aries appeared to re-injure his knee and Neville went right to work on it but Aries battled back, targeting the Englishman’s knee as well.  Aries then took another bad fall, this time favoring his arm which Neville then went after viciously and then taunted the fans.

After a botched flying attack, Aries locked in a figure four on Neville which he struggled to hold due to the knee injury and eventually led to Neville locking in the Rings of Saturn.  After a struggle, Aries found the ropes.

Neville went for the same move but Aries countered and locked it in himself which prompted Neville to use the ref to get out.  Neville then went for his top rope superplex but after a counter, Aries landed a sunset flip power bomb and then applied The Last Chancery but Neville dragged them both to the outside.

Neville tapped but he was outside the ring as the move stayed applied.  Aries tried to get his beaten opponent back in the ring but it was a struggle and the sequence concluded with an Aries Discus 5-Arm which send Neville back outside.  After a missed running drive from Aries, Neville landed the Red Arrow and then applied the Rings of Saturn again for the tap.

Winner and still champion: Neville

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