WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Sasha Banks and Rich Swann vs. Alicia Fox and Noam Dar Reaction


Rich Swann and Sasha Banks look to end this love affair at WWE Extreme Rules.

Prior to Extreme Rules, it is difficult to explain how Sasha Banks got involved with this love triangle.  She started battling Alicia Fox but it didn’t end with one match.  Banks made a special appearance on 205 Live last week and got into it with Fox.  Rich Swann and Noam Dar have a history that stems from Swann’s friendship with Cedric Alexander.  A typical relationship issue turned into a match at Extreme Rules.

Rich Swann takes advantage of Noam Dar early in this match.  He hits a flipping leg drop on rival Noam Dar.  The early attack sends Dar to girlfriend Alicia Fox for support and a fresh competitor.

This initial momentum from Swann is quickly stopped by Noam Dar aiding Fox’s foot to the ropes.  Alicia Fox keeps Banks grounded to keep her away from the boisterous Rich Swann.  Fox focuses her attack on the previously injured back of Sasha Banks.

After a Banks’ reversal, she gets her partner Swann back into the match.  Swann turns up the tempo causing Dar to be flustered. Fox tries to come in to help her man but is met in the middle by Sasha Banks.

Even being outside of the ring wasn’t safe for the team of Dar and Fox.   Sasha Banks continues her viciousness on Alicia Fox but she wasn’t done.

Noam Dar tries to save Alicia Fox but is met with double knees from Sasha Banks. Rich Swann finishes the match with a Phoenix Splash on Noam Dar.  Two high-risk maneuvers from Swann and Banks practically made this victory academic.

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Rich Swann and Sasha Banks defeat Noam Dar and Alicia Fox at Extreme Rules.