WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 3 Potential Contenders to Alexa Bliss

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With Alexa Bliss coming up victorious at Extreme Rules, who’s next for the Raw Women’s Champion at Great Balls of Fire?

After making quick work of Bayley at Extreme Rules in their Kendo Stick on a Pole Match, we now look ahead to who could be next Alexa Bliss at the next RAW branded “pay-per-view.”

With Bayley presumably out of the picture and due to the lack of depth in the women’s division on RAW, there are only so many directions this can go in.

One thing is for sure: Bliss is such a fantastic heel/superstar and RAW is lucky to have her considering the amount of women’s star power there is on the blue brand.

The WWE made the right call here in booking Bliss to retain the title. From a logic standpoint, Bayley’s character and gimmick just didn’t fit this kind of match or, heck, even PPV gimmick.

From here, hopefully the WWE can revitalize the RAW women’s division to get the fans excited again. Sure, Bliss is great, but we need someone else to compete with her—no one else looks to even be on the same level, especially after the WWE booked her the way they did in this match: Completely annihilating Bayley.

In this slideshow we will look at three potential contenders for Bliss, starting at three, in order of most likely.

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Who do you think Bliss faces at Great Balls of Fire?