WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 3 Potential Contenders to Alexa Bliss

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1. Nia Jax

Like, it’s a 99.9 percent guarantee at this point, no?

After appearing on the Kickoff Show commentary for Extreme Rules, Nia Jax brought up that should Bliss win and retain the Raw Women’s Championship, she’s set to get a shot for the belt.

Well, as we all know by now, Bliss has won.

Also, Jax has been on television for quite some time now, so bringing her back in now after so much time away seems to be a way to try to get a pop out of the crowd when she makes her return.

Again, James is the opponent I prefer, but this appears to be where the WWE is headed for Great Balls of Fire making this Bliss’ toughest opponent to date from a physical standpoint.

As we’ve seen in the past Jax is still pretty raw in terms of handling the in-ring stuff, but her presence alone gives her the upper hand in a feud with Bliss.

Does the WWE find a way to keep Bliss as the champion, or will we have a new one crowned at the new PPV Great Balls of Fire?

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Get ready, everybody—Jax and Bliss are set up for a collision course as we approach the PPV prior to SummerSlam.