Who Attacked Big Cass on WWE Raw?


Well, just a few weeks after Enzo Amore got attacked on WWE Raw, Big Cass became the next WWE Superstar to be laid out.

In May, Enzo Amore was attacked backstage on WWE Raw. However, the actual incident was never shown, only Big Cass, Kurt Angle and officials tending to him. This led to speculation of who the assailant may be, from Cass to The Revival, and nearly any other WWE star.

Well, based on Monday’s episode of Raw, it may not be Cass. This may have been proven during the second hour of the show, in another altercation that wasn’t seen on camera.

After a match between Kalisto and Titus O’Neil ended, Cass was seen, face-first, backstage. He had equipment piled on him, which Amore and officials discovered as they tended to his beaten body.

What’s not seen in the graphic, is Cass handing Amore a gold chain, potentially giving everyone a clue to who it may have been. However, neither Superstar identified who they think attacked the Master of the Empire Elbow.

Does this mean Cass is innocent? Possibly. He could have had the same person, who attacked Amore, go after him. For all everyone knows, it may be someone completely different.

There’s also the chance of Cass faking the beatdown, which would throw everyone off, since the speculation was him as the one who attacked one-half of the Realest Guys in the Room. Then, when Amore isn’t looking, he gets attacked by his long-time tag team partner.

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This is one of the most interesting stories on WWE programming, which should progress in the hours, days and weeks to come. Someone attacked Amore, and maybe Cass. Who was it, though? Is it someone unexpected? How about it being one of these two, fooling everyone?