WWE Raw: Should The Shield Reunite Now?


Is it time for the WWE to bring back the Shield? After the events of Extreme Rules 2017, what does creative have in mind?

The Shield is one of the most iconic factions of the modern era in pro-wrestling. The trio set the WWE Universe on fire right from the get-go. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were always three men who were all about business. The young stars were fueled by an unseen hunger for the gold. Moreover, this was unlike anything the fans had seen before.

Three unknown rookies from NXT stormed the main roster and began taking out its best wrestlers. Weeks went by where the Shield was put in a fight against any three random superstars. But the trio would always come out on top. It didn’t matter if the opposing team had Daniel Bryan, John Cena or CM Punk. The Shield would always win.

However, all good things must come to an end. So did this. When Rollins turned his back on his brothers and took a steel chair to Ambrose and Reigns, fans were in awe. In a brief second, Rollins went from The Architect to the destroyer of Shield. The group was no more. Though Reigns and Ambrose stood together as brothers in arms for a while after this, the group quietly disbanded over time.

After the events that have unfolded during the Extreme Rules PPV, one could only wonder if creative would reunite the trio now. Considering none of them have anything meaningful to do at the moment, this could be possible. Dean Ambrose still has a rematch against the Miz. However, unless the WWE doesn’t want the Miz to keep the Intercontinental title as prestigious as it should be, expect the title to stay with the Miz.

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Reigns, on the other hand, does not have any other feuds lined up at the moment. He doesn’t need to feud with Balor or Rollins. Reigns vs Wyatt has been done before. Joe doesn’t need to bother about Reigns right now. Seeing as Braun Strowman is still in recovery, Reigns is pretty much in limbo. The same could be said about Rollins as well. The Architect hasn’t had much to do since defeating Triple H at this year’s WrestleMania. As such, if the three were to join hands once more in the interest of common goals, it would be epic. The gold has frequently eluded the trio since splitting the group. Reigns and Rollins were long time tag champions and Ambrose’s US title reign was lengthy if nothing else. It’s a formula that works well.

Ambrose wants his hands on the gold. Reigns need some protection when Strowman returns. Rollins needs a new pet project until something better comes along. The only question is if creative are willing to pull the trigger on this. Any fan’s fantasy booking scenario would be this. However, as always, it’s not entirely up to the fans.

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Would you want to see the Shield reunited at this point in time? It would contribute some memorable moments to Raw’s three-hour format. Moreover, it helps to clear the main event scene for some other fresh faces, apart from Reigns and Rollins. Share your thoughts in the comments section.