Can Samoa Joe Win the WWE Universal Championship?


Samoa Joe made his intentions very clear this Monday. Does the Samoan Submission Machine have a realistic chance of defeating the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar?

Samoa Joe might be the baddest man on the planet. The guy just took out the Beast Incarnate’s advocate Paul Heyman this Monday on Raw. Over the past 24 hours, creative has done a great job of establishing Joe as a credible threat to Lesnar. After dismantling four other top stars on Raw, Joe would appear on Raw Talk to make his intentions very clear. Joe said he was more than prepared to go into that deep, dark and vicious place in his head.

On Monday, Lesnar’s messenger and his advocate came out for a face to face confrontation with Samoa Joe. Heyman had nothing but praise for the Samoan, describing him as a man who has wrecked havoc everywhere he has been to. That is absolutely true as well. Joe has left a pile of bodies behind every time he made an appearance. However, Joe was in no mood for talking and decided to take the fight right to the beast.

The consequences of his actions would unravel before our eyes by next week hopefully. Heyman would make a phone call to his client advising him that now is a good time to return to Raw. Be that as it may, we are in store for a fight. However, the bigger question that lingers around everywhere is can Samoa Joe beat Brock Lesnar? Does the Samoan Submission Machine have a realistic chance of defeating the Beast Incarnate? Bleacher Report had the following to say about the situation that has unfolded before our eyes.

"He may end up being the fish WWE uses to feed its shark Brock Lesnar come Great Balls of Fire, but for one night, The Destroyer was the heart of Raw and it was beautiful."

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Joe was the center point of the whole show this Monday. He was the biggest star of the night, with one of the best promos and mannerisms in recent times. The way he put his arms around Heyman and told him ‘I am going to put my arms around your throat and it is going to get very tight’ before putting him in the Coquina Clutch was cynical and sadistic. For once, he seemed even more dangerous than Lesnar.

Regardless, it would be hard to believe at this point that Joe will win the Universal title. It would be best for business. Moreover, it would open up the main event scene on Monday nights with a fresh new face at the top. The title will also add some purpose to the weekly show. However, creative would still opt to keep the title with Lesnar. He draws the biggest reaction and sends the crowd into a frenzy. The collision between these two behemoths would be one for the ages. Moreover, this is a dream match many pro-wrestling fans have been dreaming forever.

If Joe beats Lesnar for the Universal title at this point, it would be a major upset. As such, it would safe to bet on Lesnar retaining the title. However, it would be exciting if a disqualification finish comes into play at the match. Either one of them could go out of control and use a chair. Even a count-out wouldn’t disappoint the fans if we witness a brawl between these two among the crowd and in the stands. That would also ensure a way to continue this feud towards a bigger PPV and lengthen Lesnar’s title reign. Creative could also have someone like Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns interfere in the match and make their case for a shot.

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Regardless of what happens at the Great Balls of Fire PPV, the odds of Samoa Joe walking out with the title are slim. What are your thoughts? Do you think Joe can slay the Beast and walk out as your new Universal Champion?