WWE Raw: Dean Ambrose Should Turn Heel


Raw’s Dean Ambrose has been locked in a feud with The Miz, but to save his character he needs to change and turn heel to re-build.

Dear WWE creative, it is time to change Dean Ambrose and re-build his character. Yes, Ambrose is a fan favorite and has been for some time but his character has gotten beyond stale and there needs to be a change. A big change, a heel turn to shock fans and get people talking. His run as Intercontinental Champion did not amount to anything, there were not many title defenses and nothing much changed. His current feud with The Miz has seen the title change hands and the feud is still going on.

There is a lot for Ambrose to do on the Raw roster, he does not need to continue to feud with The Miz. He really needs to turn heel and do something different, he can still be the lunatic just with a new edge and attitude. When a character goes this stale, fans notice this and they eventually want more from the superstar. Remaining the same in the WWE landscape gets old, we all want to see something new and fresh happen. Right now, Ambrose is the one who needs this to happen, if nothing changes it will become more difficult to care about the character and he will get booed.

Perhaps a good way to solidify a heel turn is to reunite The Shield, they are all on the red brand and they are all in a face position. Ambrose turning on Rollins and Reigns would make a huge impact and give way to new storylines and possibilities. After everything he went through after Rollins stabbed him in the back, it would tell an intriguing story and feel right at home in this new era. The thought of this happening is exciting and it could even help Reigns gain some sympathy for the fans.

Continuing with the feud with The Miz is only going to hurt Ambrose even more, however locking up with Elias Samson isn’t bad but it doesn’t help either man. The Miz is in a roll right now and he needs a fresh feud desperately. This feud has more than run its course, it is time to move on and give these men something new to do. It is infuriating to watch the booking, to see the same thing week in and week out. Ambrose is a talented guy and he works hard, a tremendous change can put him in a higher position and he needs that.

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There is nothing wrong with his wrestling ability, he tore the house down at Extreme Rules even if the stipulation for the match was silly. That is not the problem, it comes down to character and how he is portrayed. Making him a real loose cannon with a new attitude is the right way to go, it opens up the doors for a lot of new feuds with superstars he hasn’t locked up with or hasn’t locked up with for some time. This is something that needs to happen or he runs the risk of fans turning on him, and we do not need another case of that, just ask Roman Reigns. Moving forward it should be interesting to see if they actually go ahead with this or if he remains the same.