WWE: 20 Worst Superstar Names Ever Given

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1. Little Bastard

While midget wrestling has a long history, it was through this name that it became borderline offensive. Though he’d later be renamed ‘Hornswoggle’ the leprechaun character was originally called ‘Little Bastard’.

WWE walked a very thin line with this character name, as the word ‘bastard’ has several meanings, most of them overwhelmingly negative.

WWE did the right thing to change his name to ‘Hornswoggle’ because at least that name has some meaning that actually makes sense to the character. ‘Little Bastard’, however, is simply a mean-spirited insult that, quite frankly, seemed a bit much, even in those days.

The diminutive wrestler didn’t do much while under the name ‘Little Bastard’ other than attack Finlay’s opponents. Once he was renamed Hornswoggle, he started getting more of a character and a storyline. This was likely because the name ‘Hornswoggle’ at least has less of a negative connotation than his former name.

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After all, would you as a fan really cheer for someone named the ‘Little Bastard’? Probably not, unless you find that sort of thing funny.