WWE Raw: Is This the End for Enzo Amore and Big Cass?


Revisiting Enzo Amore and Big Cass potentially splitting up on WWE Raw.

Three months ago, I wrote about Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and how they should split up. Considering recent events on WWE Raw, I thought to revisit that article and look at it with all this new stuff that has been stirred up. One could argue that not much has changed for the team in the last three months, and they wouldn’t be totally wrong. The team is still one of the most enjoyed tag teams on the Raw brand, if only for the microphone work they put out.

Let’s look at Amore and how he’s improved, or not, over the last few months. His work on the mic is still gold, no doubt. Not many can work a promo like Enzo can. He has a way of reaching out, grabbing the audience no matter the town, and pulling them into it, making them a part of his promo. However, Amore’s in-ring work is still sorely lacking. To say that he has improved in the ring is a stretch at best.

Looking at Big Cass, he’s very much so still the enforcer in the ring. He picks up what Enzo drops so to speak. Cass is the one who makes moves in the ring. He’s seeming very frustrated with the loss record that he and Amore continue to rack up.

The past few weeks on Raw, we have seen Enzo laid out in the backstage area from an unseen attacker. Speculation flew. Some said it was the Revival, even though Scott Dawson is sidelined with a wired shut broken jaw. Others thought that maybe it was Corey Graves, who has always shown a disdain for Amore. Still others, like me, believe that it was Cass himself who has been behind the attacks.

This past week on Raw, however, the tables were turned and Cass was attacked. Or was he? Hear me out on this one. Cass knew that the fingers were all pointing in his direction, so to take the heat off, he stages a hit on himself. Enzo’s chain left by the attacker, insinuating that it was he who had attacked his partner, would be an easy thing for Cass to possess.

Has the attack on Cass taken the attention off him for the attacks on Enzo? Maybe so, but not for everyone I’d wager. Cass is frustrated with the losses he and Enzo continuously rack up, all because of Enzo’s inability to perform in the ring as well as he does on the mic. He has also shown that he is affected by the way that Enzo seems to so easily replace him. One other piece of evidence that may have gone unnoticed by some involves Graves, who after the first attack on Enzo, stated he would like to shake the hand of whoever did it. After the second attack, Cass came out and laid into Graves pretty good, but ended the exchange by — you guessed it — shaking his hand.

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In the weeks to come, fans should see who’s behind the attacks on Enzo, possibly at Great Balls of Fire on July 9 in Dallas, Texas. Will it prove to be Cass, or are we all missing the mark on who hit Enzo?