WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Who Needs Women’s Briefcase the Most?

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Credit: WWE.com

5. Tamina

Tamina is one of the women that hasn’t been gaining much traction in WWE.  She’s powerful and exotic – however, there hasn’t been one big storyline that gives concentration as a solo Superstar.  Tamina has been used best as the bodyguard type whether it was AJ Lee or anchoring Team BAD.

Tamina’s injuries seem to hold back from her true potential.  Her father, the late Jimmy Snuka has been hailed as one of the greatest WWE Superstars.  Tamina has been doing her own thing to which as a supporting act it counts for something when looking at her career as a whole.  She’s had a hand in the very successful Divas Revolution and now as part of what is called The Welcoming Committee.  It may seem small, but it is big for the second generation Superstar.

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If she were to capture the briefcase, it would be a major shock.  However, with Naomi as the champion it would be an interesting turn as they two have history.  But as of this writing, it is very unlikely that she will beat out the likes of Lynch and Flair.  Knowing how her character is, it wouldn’t be surprising if she helped out another participant in the match.