Big Cass Admits Enzo Amore Attack, Turns Heel on WWE Raw (Video)


The team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass is no more, as they officially split on Monday’s episode of Raw.

For the past month, Big Cass and Enzo Amore suffered backstage attacks on Raw. No one knew who it was, with speculation surrounding The Revival and Big Show.

Well, the answer was revealed on Monday’s episode of Raw, in the main event of the show. This saw Kurt Angle bring out The Revival and Show, along with Amore and Cass, to reveal the attacker.

After Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder and Show denied involvement, the focus turned to Corey Graves. He got on the microphone and showed footage on the Titantron of Cass’ “attack.” It turned out to be the 7-footer setting it up to make it look like someone struck him from behind, when no one else actually entered the picture.

Cass admitted that he did this, but faced more questioning from Graves, who called him out for attacking Amore. A few moments later, the confession was given, along with a vicious dress-down of his now-former tag team partner.

This breakup seemed inevitable, after Cass showed signs of his attitude changing in June. He got jealous of Show getting close with Amore and looked significantly weaker in the ring than usual.

The verbal attack on Amore was the memorable part of this, with Cass admitting that he was dragged down, referring to himself as “money.” It seemed very much like a shoot promo, something that was partially taken from a wrestling rumor and turned into a script.

Fans should be in store for a Cass-Amore feud, even with the size difference being stark. Not getting at least one match with them would be surprising, before they move into singles careers. It will be the master of the Empire Elbow moving into an intriguing heel role, while Amore goes in a direction of someone who can talk with the best of them, but always got carried in the ring.

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The Realest Guys in the Room are no more. Was this the right time to break them up?