WWE Raw: Can Big Cass Strive as a Singles Star?


On this week’s episode of Raw, the truth came out about who attacked Enzo and as expected it was Big Cass who turned on his long-time partner, the question is can he make it on his own?

After weeks of backstage sneak attacks on Enzo and then Big Cass, it was finally revealed on Raw who the culprit was. With the assistance of Corey Graves, it was revealed that Enzo was attacked by his long-time partner Big Cass and the attacks on Big Cass were in fact faked. It was quite the Raw closer to see the popular team finally split with Cass turning on Enzo and becoming a heel. It has been a long time coming, with the act getting stale and Cass needing to break out and be on his own.

The time was right for this to happen, Cass has proven he is a star and that he does need time to be on his own to build himself up. The promo he gave on Raw towards Enzo was incredible, some of the best work he has done on the mic. The heel persona seems to come naturally to him and going forward it is the right move. He has everything possible behind him, now it is up to how he is booked moving forward. There is no way Cass can afford to look weak, he needs some solid opponents that he can crush in the ring and show everyone he can hang with the big guys.

If the booking is successful, Cass can certainly strive as a singles star. The state of Raw at the moment will play a part in how it all rolls out. It is a mess of a show, the booking has been below average for the most part. He needs a place on the roster and he needs feuds to keep him going and not become a forgotten star on the mid-card. It is unclear at this stage whether he will end up in a singles match with Enzo, or whether Big Show’s involvement here is over. Show would make a good first real feud for him, someone who is a big guy with a lot of experience to guide him.

After that first feud is done, where to next? As a heel it isn’t an easy position as the main titles on the brand are with heels. A future run as IC Champion would have to be on the cards, that is where he should be headed before going anywhere near the main event scene. Pushing him too soon in that area could lead to disaster and he is someone that we do want to see succeed. The future is with guys like Cass, and good booking and build up is the way to go for that.

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Short term picture it should be interesting to see what happens, he is going to have a lot of heel heat on him as it should be. If Cass continues to work the mic the way he did on Raw and deliver good matches, the future looks bright. As for Enzo, his future as a singles star is questionable, after the Cass feud is over it isn’t easy to see where he can go. Cass will become another monster but with an edge and Enzo who has talent could become a comedy act. Only one way to find out and that is to tune in weekly and see how things progress.