4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: June 20, 2017

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The Lone Wolf Has Started a War

Just moments before the male Money in the Bank ladder match, Baron Corbin decided to take one of his opponents out of the equation. Waiting for Shinsuke Nakamura to begin his entrance, the Lone Wolf blasted his foe from behind. As Nakamura left with a group of medical staff, Corbin believed that he had seen the last of him.

To his surprise, Nakamura was somehow able to return to the action and clean house. The King of Strong Styles was so close to attaining the briefcase, but once again Corbin became a factor. Silencing his opponent for good, Corbin climbed the ladder and won the briefcase for the first time in his career. Arguably the fasted rising star on SmackDown Live, what does the future hold for the Lone Wolf? We know that he has a guaranteed title shot on his person, however, what will occupy his attention in the meantime?

Without a doubt, Nakamura is going to try and get revenge for the actions Corbin carried out on Sunday. If it hadn’t been for the unwarranted attack, Nakamura very well could’ve left the arena with the briefcase.

Since debuting on SmackDown Live, the King of Strong Style has overcome nearly every challenge in his way. Although not becoming Mr. Money in the Bank is a setback, he’s still poised to bounce back in a big way. By the time the Battleground event is upon us, the feud between Corbin and Nakamura will be on full display.

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