Mauro Ranallo Makes Surprise Return to WWE as NXT Commentator


MAMA MIA! WWE Fans rejoice, Mauro Ranallo has announced that he will be returning to WWE!

Mauro Ranallo posted on his Instagram on Thursday that he will become part of the NXT broadcast team. The announcement comes as surprise, after it was confirmed months ago that Ranallo and WWE had parted ways.

Triple H confirmed the announcement with a tweet of his own!

Originally head commentator on SmackDown Live, the situation at the broadcasting table began to get a bit confusing – and crowded. NXT commentator, Tom Phillips, came in as a fourth member of the broadcast team, and primarily took on the responsibility of ad spots. On the March 14 episode of SmackDown Live, Mauro was nowhere to be seen.

On air, the excuse was Ranallo had missed the broadcast because of the snowstorm in Pittsburgh. Then Ranallo missed consecutive weeks without explanation.

Reports speculated that Mauro was embroiled in a bullying scandal with fellow commentator, JBL who had a history of his backstage “antics.” Eventually, Ranallo confirmed a mutual separation. WWE stayed relatively mum on the situation, while Ranallo adamantly denied the rumor.

Ultimately, the move is great for both parties. Ranallo, has an infectious personality and a great cadence. At NXT, he is probably going to have more opportunity to show off his style, and he won’t be hamstrung by the pressures of appearing on national TV. His voice will also help give NXT matches a “big fight feel.” Most importantly, he’ll be away from JBL.

NXT gets a quality commentator to add to their broadcasting team. Tom Phillips, most likely, will move to SmackDown Live exclusively going forward.

Some of Mauro Ranallo’s best work with the WWE happened on the WWE Network. He and  Daniel Bryan shared commentary duties during the Cruiser Weight Classic. We should expect more of that quality of commentary as he moves into his position as a commentator for NXT.

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What do you think, is this a great move for NXT, or should have Ranallo stayed away?