WWE SmackDown Live: 3 Underused Stars on the Show

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1. Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger could soon become one of WWE’s biggest misused talents in recent times. The Perfect 10 has a pure babyface gimmick, charisma and good in-ring skills. Most importantly, he commands the most infectious crowd chant of all time ever since the ‘Yes’ chant. ‘Ten’ chants echo around all over the place when Dillinger is inside the ring. His debut following WrestleMania was one of the loudest reactions during a match for any mid-carder.

Dillinger would be an excellent addition to SmackDown Live‘s mid-card scene. Moreover, if Jinder Mahal could be the WWE champion, Dillinger can just as well play a No. 1 contender to say the least. Hopefully, creative would realize the mistake they have been making and give Tye a chance before long. The ‘Ten’ chants are still hot in the WWE. However, that doesn’t mean they could stay the same for long.

Ever since debuting, Tye has had a match with Kurt Hawkins and a few with Aiden English. His time during Money in the Bank was limited to a commercial for soda. Dillinger should be out there kicking ass and making a name for himself. He would make an excellent foil against Kevin Owens. Instead of placing a mid-card title on a main event level talent, it should indeed go to someone like Tye or Harper.

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So it seems like despite being the Land of Opportunity, SmackDown could still do some work to bring stars like Dillinger to the top of the division. What are your thoughts on the same? Who would you want to be showcased in a more prominent role?