Daniel Bryan Teases Challenging Cody Rhodes in the Future


Cody Rhodes recently defeated Christopher Daniels to win the Ring of Honor World Championship, and a former Ring of Honor champion has issued a possible challenge to “The American Nightmare”.

Although he is currently the general manager of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan still has his eyes set on returning to the wrestling ring. WWE doctors have not cleared Bryan, who has an extensive history of head injuries, to wrestle, but there’s a chance that doctors outside of the promotion have. This means that once Bryan’s contract is up, he is free to leave the company and continue to wrestle around the globe, likely returning to the name Bryan Danielson.

Bryan told Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso that he is “working on” making a return to the squared circle, and Cageside Seats’s rumors section states that Bryan’s recent tests “may have gone well”.

Cody Rhodes is a wrestler who has enjoyed a great deal of success since leaving the WWE, and the peak of his success occurred when he defeated Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Championship in what was likely his best match since leaving the WWE. Bryan, who is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of ROH, took notice and decided to troll both Rhodes and the fans in his congratulatory message (hat tip to PW Insider).

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Ah yes, Daniel Bryan’s endearing sense of humor will always shine through. That said, if this match were to ever happen, it would definitely be a hit. No, Cody isn’t as great of a technical wrestler as Bryan, but he did put on solid matches with both Zack Sabre Jr. and Matt Riddle in WCPW. Rhodes can pull off some nice chain wrestling sequences, and he can also trade big moves, namely his moonsault. We’ve seen him go toe-to-toe with Kurt Angle, so just imagine the in-ring psychology involved in a match with Bryan.

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This match probably isn’t happening, but let’s pretend there’s a chance. There’s no doubt it would be a classic, so the real question is, who would win?