How Will Enzo Amore Respond to Big Cass on WWE Raw?


Enzo Amore shouldn’t be out of action after taking a soul-crushing big boot to the face on WWE Raw, so what can he do to retaliate?

It was somewhat anticlimactic since Big Cass wasn’t himself in the few weeks after Enzo Amore got attacked, but the duo still managed to have an emotional breakup. This surrounded Cass wanting to let go of Amore, saying no one liked one-half of Team SAWFT. The seven-footer also referred to how big of a future he might have in WWE.

Cass and Amore were linked together for most of the past 3 years, working the Tag Team division in NXT and WWE. They had numerous championship opportunities, but never got the chance to hold gold, so these two will always have something missing from their legacies.

As for Cass, big things are potentially in store for him. There’s no guarantee what that will be, but with his size, look and developing charisma, WWE may have its next big star in place. For now, that will be as a heel, especially after how vicious that promo was:

The focus has and will be on Cass for the foreseeable future. However, all eyes should be on Amore for Monday’s episode of Raw.

How this Certified G will recover, is a mystery. It’s only a big boot, yes, but for the Enzo Amore character, it’s territory that hasn’t been tested; that’s unlike Cass, who worked multiple singles matches when Amore was hurt in 2016.

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The difference in size and wrestling ability is stark, making Amore vs. Cass as a long-term program not believable. That even goes for in-ring segments, like what could happen on Raw in Los Angeles, CA. Unless the Big Baller Brand backs up Amore (not really), the interactions may consistently be in favor of the Queens, NY native.

It’s going to be difficult for Amore to do anything, with the exception of adrenaline-filled punches. He’ll try and potentially challenge his old friend to a match, wanting revenge for what happened.

Before that, Cass will get beaten out in promos on Raw, but at a pay-per-view like Great Balls of Fire, he’ll toy with the Smacktalker Skywalker in the ring and win in minutes. That shouldn’t be breaking news, however.

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Monday’s Raw will begin an uphill battle for Amore, as he tries to combat his disloyal former friend. Maybe he’ll get the upper hand for a moment, but otherwise, it will be all about Cass and his future in the WWE.