Are Roman Reigns’ Recent Heel Teases Something or Nothing?


With the increasing amount of boos Roman Reigns has been receiving the last few weeks could this eventually lead to something heading into Great Balls of Fire?

For the last few months The Big Dog, Roman Reigns has been not the biggest favorite in the eyes of many WWE fans. Ever since he defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Reigns new attitude and entitlement have turned off a lot of his former followers.

The boos seem to be getting worse and worse as more and more fans are starting to turn on the once popular superstar. For a long time it seemed like Reigns was getting the John Cena heat with the men booing him and the women and children cheering him.

The boos and cheers were both mixed in so it was a 50/50 crowd reaction just like Cena has gotten for the last number of years. As we have seen though over the last few weeks almost the entire crowds are beginning to boo Reigns.

As we saw this past week on RAW in Los Angeles, which is typically not a loud crowd, they proceeded to loudly boo Reigns out of the building. For awhile Reigns was shrugging off the boos and continued to carry himself in a positive light.

However, since WrestleMania, we have seen Reigns play up the boos and really start showing the crowd that he simply doesn’t care what they think. This could potentially lead to something big heading into the next pay per view, Great Balls of Fire.

Reigns has been feuding over the last few months with the once hated Braun Strowman. As we have seen though over the last few weeks the fans have begun to align themselves with Strowman.

Two weeks ago Strowman, after being injured by Reigns, two months earlier, returned to WWE and he gained an enormous pop from the crowd when he attacked Reigns. Instead of blowing it off Strowman played up to the crowd and got a huge pop.

This last week on RAW, Strowman once again attacked Reigns, throwing him off the stage and got a huge positive reaction from the Los Angeles crowd. Going into Great Balls of Fire it seems like Reigns and Strowman have changed roles in this feud.

These recent string of boos could lead to Reigns finally turning heel and Strowman turning face in the process. As noted in an article of ours from last week, this feud seems to be very reminiscent of the 1996-1997 feud between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Just like the fans turned on the once hero Hart, in favor of the brash and uprising Stone Cold, the fans are now doing the same with Reigns and Strowman. At The Great Balls of Fire, Pay Per View Reigns could beat Strowman down to point where fans feel sympathetic for him.

Reigns’ vicious aggression could turn the crowd completely against him making him the top heel on RAW, while Strowman could continue his push to the top as the new popular face. Reigns could then cut a promo finally turning his back on the fans.

This would then set up Reigns being the heel entering his title match at Summerslam, against Brock Lesnar who would be viewed as the hero by the Brooklyn crowd. The fans all seem to really not like Reigns now and him being unmerciful to Strowman could finally turn the rest of the fans against him.

WWE could then book Reigns as a full-fledged heel for the time being, with the hopes down the line that the fans will begin to root for him down the line, just like in the case of his cousin The Rock.

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With Reigns finally acknowledging the boos, WWE now needs to capitalize this and turn him into its next big heel.