NXT: Review, Highlights, and Results June 28, 2017

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NXT. Courtesy: WWE

Broadcasting live from Full Sail University, it’s the June 28th edition of NXT. With so much to get to let’s dive in, shall we!

A familiar voice fills the airwaves! It was announced late last week that Mauro Ranallo was making his return to the WWE as part of the NXT broadcasting team. In a very short time in the WWE, Ranallo has had an enormous impact on improving whatever show he is calling, and NXT is no exception.

Everything about this episode was merely a build up for the Last Woman Standing match between Asuka and Nikki cross. With the NXT Women’s Championship on the would we see the maniacal Cross finally overthrow the Empress of Tomorrow? We’ll find out in the main event, but first …

The Velveteen Dream vs. HoHo Lun

Result: The Velveteen Dream def. Lunn via Purple Rain Maker

Rating:  ** ½

At only 21, The Velveteen Dream has one hell of a career ahead of him. A former contestant of WWE’s Tough Enough, Patrick Clark is someone I’ve  always rooted for. His passion for the business was unmatched. That same commitment has carried over into his new character The Velveteen Dream.

His in-ring style and theatrics have been entertaining to watch. He oozed cockiness throughout the match, constantly shining the spotlight on himself. I have heard many say that this gimmick will eventually fizzle out or isn’t cut out for the main roster, I have to disagree respectfully. The Velveteen Dream, to me, seems like he could be this generation’s Goldust. With a lot more character development to go, The Velveteen Dream has excelled against lesser opponents. Let’s see how he responds when he get’s punched in the face.

Heavy Machinery vs. Authors of Pain in 2 Weeks

There’s some commotion in William Regal’s office as both Heavy Machinery, and The Authors of Pain have gathered. Regal announces that Heavy Machinery have earned themselves a chance at the NXT Tag Team Championship. In 2 weeks they will face off against The Authors of Pain in what is “literally” the biggest match in NXT history (WWE sure does love their history breaking matches). After Paul Ellering expresses doubt about Heavy Machinery’s ability, Regal warns AoP not to take them lightly.